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Intruder is the stealth multiplayer experience. Coordinate tactical infiltration missions with a team of super spies against fortified armed guards in a game of strategic supremacy. A plethora of gadgets, functions and highly interactive, realistic level architecture give you unparalleled emergent experiences in a close-quarters multiplayer shooter. FPS action meets team-based spy simulation.

Good for fans of: Metal Gear Solid, Swat, Deus Ex, Splinter Cell, Jurassic Park


Project Stormos

The world's first anti-platformer on the robot planet of Binarios. String together combos of the aerial dash in order to reach new heights and engage in epic midair battles. Help Robo find the designers of his world, the source of his past, and the true power within. High speed, aerial platforming for the hardcore action gamer.

Good for fans of : Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Super Mario, Super Meat Boy



Superboss Games

Superboss Games is a company I started with the intent of making highly interactive, skill based games for the hardcore gamer. We want the actions of the players to really matter and for memorable, emotional stories to be generated from gameplay alone.